November 7, 2012


I watched the returns last night, and frankly, this picture says it all.  I am not angry, because I think those that see through the forest, did their best by getting out there to vote.

Mr. Obama won with 58.9 million votes.  Mr. Romney had 56.6 million votes.  A mere 2.3 million divide them.  Now anyone with common sense would see that nearly half of all those that voted, didn't vote for the current administration.  I am praying that because of that, the administration and it's cronies in the Senate (also Democrat controlled), will actually represent all of us, and serve all of us.  I know it is a long shot.  But prayer is all we have at this point. 

They will do what that 58.9 million want, the sheeple.  The rest of us won't matter.  My other prayer is that the sheeple wake up and at least hold them accountable.  Another long shot.

This all just confirms my need to get my land in the spring, no matter how hard it is, and get as much off grid as I can.  Prepare, that is what I have to do.

On a side note: NH confirmed what I have been saying for's not the "old" NH anymore.  Too many people have moved in from MA, CT, and NY.  It's become a suburb of those Democrat controlled states.  It's sad.

NC did a good job :)  I was proud to say I was part of getting us Pat McCrory governor, although it looks like the Lt. Governor race still hasn't been called.

    “All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they should.”
Samuel Adams


  1. Or you could look at it that over half of the population didn't want the vision the Republican ticket was presenting. Either way, half the population loses. Not a good prospect for either candidate or the country.
    I feel that now it is time to put the red/blue differences behind us and start to work together to fix the mess that we're in.

    Hey... I can be hopeful, can't I??

    1. Yes you can hope :) I am not about red and blue. I am independent, and research each candidate individually, regardless of their party affiliation. I feel that Mr. Obama is wrong for this country's financial stability.

  2. I was saddened by the results too. This administration has promoted Monsanto far too heavily to get my vote. You are absolutely correct though that all there is to do now is trust that the King has everything under control.