November 11, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Today is Veteran's Day.  I have many in my family who have served to protect this country.  My father was in the Army during the 60's (thankfully he didn't have to go to Vietnam), my younger brother did a little over 20 years in the Air Force (and went to the Middle East twice), my cousin John was in the Marines (he served in the first Gulf War).

If you go back just one or two generations, there are more.  My Great Uncle Armand Goyette, my grandmother's brother, served in both the Navy and the Army during wartime.  My Great Uncle Ernest Blanchard, my grandfather's brother, served in WWII, and was one of those featured in the book and movie "The Longest Day".  He was a paratrooper, dropped in on D-day.

So many served, and so many gave up everything to give us safety.  The younger generation has no idea.  And that is what scares me most.  While I didn't live it myself, I heard stories of the rationing in WWII.  I grew up during the end of Vietnam, so saw the pictures on the news.

With the exception of those who are serving in the military, those of the younger generation don't have it affect them like generations before.  They are not affected by blackouts, rations, or possible sightings of Uboats off the coast of the US.  Most of them were too young when 9-11 happened, to really grasp the horror of being attacked on our own soil for the first time since Pearl Harbor, and not knowing if more was to come.

This scares me to my very core.  These are the people that are electing people like Obama.  These are the people that live in their little fantasy worlds of college campuses, oblivious to the real world.  It makes me scared for my own two sons.  Joe will be 18 next year, and Tom will only have a couple years before he hits that magic number himself.  They are the ones who will end up being called up if we end up in an all out war (and I believe we will, with the games that Iran is now playing, and China has been building the ultimate army for over a decade).  It won't be those liberal college kids.  Because when it comes down to it, they will run and hide, and cry "it's not fair".  They will try to go to Canada, or some other such hideout, because when it comes to really standing up for something that matters, like the existence of your country and freedoms, they have no clue or backbone.

I have recently been watching "The War" on Netflix.  It is a superb documentary by Ken Burns, about World War II.  Rather than focus on the big picture, he chose to focus on 4 towns/cities, and how it affected the people from those areas.  I think every single person from the age of 15 to 35 should be required to watch it.  Even though it happened before I was born, my heart breaks when I see those interviewed for it, describe the pain and horrors they dealt with.

As the old saying goes: Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.

That is what I will be doing.  I am preparing for the worst.  I will be getting a few guns in the next months, before the UN takes that right away from me.  I grew up shooting, my father taught me.  But at the moment I don't own any.  

I also will be stocking up on necessary supplies to make it through rough times.  I think we are in for some very rough roads ahead.  And if I only have a little shack on a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, I will be safer than I am now.  My aunt will be staying with me for a little bit, but I suspect she won't stay long.  She is one of those who lives in oblivion, and doesn't even get the simple concept of buying a few extra boxes of pasta for the pantry.  She will not live off grid.  But I will not modify my plans for anyone.  I moved to NC so I can get my small farm and become as self sufficient as possible, and that is what I intend to do.

This post is a bit sad, but realistic.  Too many in this country live in a fantasy world.  I refuse to go through my life with blinders on.     


  1. The blinders remain on most people because they do not want to change. The majority of adults populating our country today have very little (or no) idea what it is to do without . . . what it's like to be self-sufficient or to function with self-responsibility. We are a society operating under the assumption that we "deserve" to be taken care of and that our government will always do so. We've forgotten what it's like to do without, to take care of ourselves, to do real physical work.

    Yes, your post was a bit sad, but it was a good post saying very clearly what is wrong with our society today.