December 29, 2012


Remember the other day, I told you about the mobile home we went and looked at?   Fast forward a few days, and all of a sudden my aunt informs me, despite her "oohs" and "ahhs" of it being perfect, that she would in fact feel "isolated".

This woman is the poster child for indecision, and at this point, I am done with it.  I do not mind helping her out by letting her come live with us, wherever we end up.  But I will not let her make the final decision.

There is a nice modular in a park not far from here, where two of her friends live.  The original plan was to look at it once the landlord got it all set.  He is a very hands off type of landlord, you can pretty much do what you want as far as painting and such.  The park is out in the country, and the homes are not one on top of each other, so it is fairly quiet. 

She was all set to look at this a month ago, but then decided that one of her "friends" is too needy and if we lived there, he would drive her nuts.  Fine, whatever.  Last night she informed me the home is in, it just needs to be hooked up to water/sewer, and we drove by to see it and the lot it sits on.  All of a sudden she is all for it again.

So, I have made a decision without telling her.  I am going to talk her into this home.  The rent will be extremely reasonable.  Something that she could afford on her own when I move out.  I want to get her into this place, so that i can start doing a serious search for a place for the boys and I to get our lives going down here.  I cannot do the drama of the "yes I like it"..."oh wait, no I don't". 

I moved down here to get my homestead going, not play her games.  I love her, and she has a good heart deep down, but I am not doing this anymore.  I need to be able to save to get home in May for the birth of my grandson.  I need to get myself on some land and start our homestead.  Otherwise, what was the point of moving down here?

As I told my son the other day, part of my moving down here was the fact that I am 46, going on 47, and I am sick of people telling me how to live my life.  I will accommodate her just so far, then she is on her own.  It is not my job to take care of her.  I have my own parents to worry about.  She and her daughter in law think I am here to take care of her.  She doesn't need it.  She gets more money a month, yet she can't pay her bills.  I give her a huge chunk of money each month towards the rent and other bills, I buy all the food for the house, I buy all the necessities like toilet paper and such, and yet she is broke all the time.  Not my problem.

Even her son is seeing it.  I may talk to him soon about it, and see if he can give me some tips to help deal with her.  But ultimately, if it comes down to it, we will move without her.  I appreciate all she has done, letting us stay with her, but there comes a time you have to get your finger out of your "you know what" and decide.  I am at that point and so are the boys.  Her lease on this apartment is up in March, I want to be moved before I have to go home for May.

Thanks for letting me vent! :)

On other I will be getting all the Christmas stuff down, and putting some of it in storage.  I also have some presents and such that were given to me, that I can't really use right now, so they will be packed up and put in storage for when we move.

I need to buckle down this week and get the boy's school work for the next month or so planned.  We have been way too hit or miss this year, partly due to getting situated in a new place, but also other people wanting our time.  My foot will be going down about that too.

The boys are fighting head colds.  Nothing major, just feeling generally crappy, so they have been vegging the last few days.  Which is what every good teen does on Christmas vacation anyway right? LOL!

Hope the new year is a blessing to you and your family!         


  1. Sounds as if your aunt is the truly "needy" one in this scenario! In my opinion, it would be a big mistake to "take your aunt with you" to wherever you next move (be it trailer temporarily or new piece of land). You will end up spending much energy (let alone $$) taking care of her (and ALL the emotional stress that entails) for the rest of her life. This is what she wants but I do hope you stay strong and gracefully extricate yourself from the situation while you still can. You should feel no obligation to her in this respect because you have enabled her (I'm not meaning that against you) to continue to mismanage her money by providing so much assistance while you and the boys have been there. My vote is that you purchase the mobile home for you three to live in while still looking for your land. You have a clear grasp of the situation so don't waver. (Sound bossy, don't I?)

    1. Not bossy at all Mama Pea :) I am grateful for your opinion and thoughts. I have decided we will be in our own place by March, without her, come hell or high water.

  2. Do what is in the best interest for you and the boys.