December 16, 2012

Not Much Going On

I supose, like most blogging friends lately, I have been in a writing funk.  There isn't much to say, as there isn't much to report.  Living in this apartment limits what we can do as far as our homesteading plans, other than researching for the future.

I did get some amazing news the other day:  Samantha is having a boy!  His name will be Jack Everett.  Everett is a name that goes back several generations on both sides of my kid's families.  I think she made a great choice in a name.  Very strong.

She finally has a working vehicle.  Her father did buy the 94 Mazda, but decided to give her the Jeep SUV instead that they had.  It is larger and she likes it better.  And they weren't really using it, except as a back up vehicle.  He did some repairs to it and signed it over to her this week.  That is a huge relief to me, knowing she has a reliable way to get to work and her doctor's appointments.

We did get a bit of news also about the baby, that has us all praying hard.  Apparently Samantha is a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene.  It is hereditary, so she got it from me or her dad.  Jimmy (her fiance) now has to get tested for it.  If they both are carriers, there is a 25% that the baby will have CF.  But it's in G-d's hands and no matter what happens, we know that it will be ok either way.  But it also makes me realize that I need to get my boys tested.  They should know for future reference , if and when they decide to have children, whether or not they are carriers too.

I have been working away on my cousin's king size afghan.  It's actually going faster than I thought it would.  I am far from done, but liking what I have so far.  Since I have found several new techniques for working with granny squares, it makes me want to use them more.  I have even told my mother I am making her afghan once I am done with this one.  She has been busy making them for everyone else this last year, and she was just going to mish mash all the left overs into one for herself.  But I want to make her something special.  She deserves it.

We are nearly on the back side of getting ready for Christmas. I still have my shopping to do for the boys later this week, once I get child support, and then I will be done.  I also need to watch the mail for boxes, as my mother and their dad are both mailing stuff down.

We will be doing Christmas dinner at my cousin's house.  His wife suggested it and I think it's a great idea.  I will be doing most of the cooking, and they will do some side dishes that they love, like green bean casserole.

Hope you are all doing well and that G-d watches over you and yours.


  1. That's a little scary about the CF gene. So good everyone is getting tested. I remember our apartment days before we bought this place, so I know how you feel! I hope your Christmas is a blessed one.

  2. Yes it is Leigh. Thanks for the blessings, hope you and Dan have a wonderful one too.