December 23, 2012

Ready or Not

I have a pile of presents in the corner of my bedroom, ready to go under the tree.  We got two boxes from the boy's dad at the beginning of the week, a box from their grandmother (ex mil) on Thursday, and then the box from my mother yesterday (that also contains presents from Sam).  I got my wrapping done Friday afternoon, and by the skin of my teeth, got Tom's present.

It's actually for both the boys, but Tom is the one who will use it the most.  I got the last Xbox 360 at our local Walmart.  I am super proud of both boys....they got gift cards for Christmas that they weren't expecting, so they donated them to this present.  If they hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to buy it. Tom is going a bit bonkers, waiting for Christmas, because he knew he was getting it, so asked for a game for his birthday.  That came in one of the boxes from his dad, so now he is looking at and handling this game that he can't play, because he can't have the console until Christmas :)  The torture is almost too much for him to bear lol.

Yesterday we went and looked at a 3 bedroom trailer for sale in a small park.  It's not my ideal situation, as it wouldn't allow me to have my chickens and such yet, but it would get us out of the apartment.  It's also owner financed, which is a huge plus at the moment.  Here are a couple scenarios, let me know what you think:

A: The boy's dad will claim them on his taxes, and give me a couple thousand to use as the down payment on said trailer.  The lot is good size, and the owner will let us put a shed up where Joe can work on his projects, and I can do raised beds to grow as much food as possible.  It's a quiet place, nice area.  The payment would be $525/mo, and that includes the lot rent.  I can easily pay a bit extra each month, towards the principal, to pay it off faster.  It is 10 years old, but in amazing shape, with all new carpet and flooring, new heat pump, and new appliances.  He is asking $32,000.  If I bought it, and down the road in a year or so, found the place I really want, with land, my aunt would stay there and take over the payments.

B: Same as above, with the exception being I would see if the bank would do a personal loan for the down payment.  I don't even know if I would qualify for a small personal loan, but am going to check next week.  That way I could set aside the tax money to use for our trip home in May.

C:  If I do qualify for a small personal loan, why not just put it to paying off those three small things on my credit, then I could get an FHA mortgage with very little down, and find a place with land, and skip the "interim" property all together.  

Decisions....we are desperate to get out of the apartment situation, as the boys and I are going a bit nutso, but I also don't want to make a rash decision.  So the next few weeks will be spent seeing what the options are.  We all really like the trailer and where it is located.  My thought is that it would be a good spot either for my aunt or my daughter (if I ever convince her to move down here).  

Today will be spent doing laundry, getting a few last minute baking things done.  Tomorrow we are going to Christmas Eve services with my cousin's wife, and then back to their house to make sugar cookies with their boys.  Christmas day will be spent over their house for a good chunk of it, after we do presents.  I am cooking dinner for everyone.  Should be fun!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope it is a blessed one for you, with lots of family time :)      



  1. Oh, decisions decisions. Never fun to make because you want to make the right one...don't you just wish someone would make it for you? In any event, I hope your Christmas is merry and wonderful...its coming whether we are ready or not!

    1. Sometimes yes Mama Tea lol. Scary, because what if I get the trailer and then the right property comes along, but I can't get it because I am locked into this one....sigh. Merry Christmas!