December 30, 2012

Spawn of the Devil

She's cute right?  Unless you live with her.  I am trying to break this spawn of the devil of some very bad habits.  The biggest one is suddenly in the last week, when I do not need to be up for any reason, she is waking me up somewhere between 3 and 4 am.  My aunt suggested I try leaving her in the livingroom.  Problem is this.....if she is in the bedroom she claws to get out, and if she is in the livingroom she claws to get in.

Once I am up in the morning, I place a hoodie or blanket along the bottom of the door, to try and deter her from digging at the door to go out.  It doesn't always work, like this morning.  I have had to constantly swat her away from the door.  Dumb as a post comes to mind.

She sure is entertainment, when I am not trying to sleep.  She runs around the house like a little nut job on crack.  Racing from one piece of furniture to the next, never touching the floor.

She is also a food thief.  People food.  I attribute this to the fact that she got a taste for it when she had to scrounge while living outside.  So fair warning, if you ever come visit me, don't set your sandwich down.  She will steal it, and growl at you when you try to take it back.

Ahhhh, she is darn lucky she is cute!  


  1. Oh gosh, spawn of devil! I used to have a cat that looked JUST like that and she would jump in the shower with us.

    My suggestion would be a spray bottle at the door when she comes a scratchin'...nothing more annoying that cats scratching at doors to get in...or out. :) Good luck!

  2. Can't help you on the midnight-crazies-kitty. Got one of my own; aptly named "Evil Kitty".

    Still, love the picture of your sandwich-stealing-krazy-kitty!

  3. Methinks she has you right where she wants you. Good luck in regaining the "leader of the pack" role!!

  4. Oh my goodness, she has mischief written all over her! I'm guessing she'd be happier as an outdoor cat, which I know is probably not a possibility right now. With that in mind, may this new year find you at long last on your future homestead!

  5. Welcome to my world. Try having 3 tomcats. They wake me up when they want to eat, around 3am. Most cats (including their big cousins in the zoo) sleep like 16-18 hours. They hunt at night too.