January 5, 2013

A Field Trip

So, in our homeschooling part of life, we have been on vacation for nearly 2 weeks.  Monday it's back to the book work.  We have been wanting to get to the history museum for awhile, and what better day to do it, than the last day of vacation.

Now that I am more comfy with driving to Raleigh, and in Raleigh, on my own, it was pretty easy to get there.  We used public parking, which cost us $12, but was worth not having to find a spot on the street.

Tom was in a goofy mood yesterday, so these pictures will be a bit funny :)

 Tom is apparently creeped out by maniquins

 A bit blurry, but me "milking" the fake cow with the big mouth...she never stopped mooing

 This one is for their dad, who is a big Nascar fan

 In the Depression Area exhibit, Tom pretending he is picking the lock to the bank.  Joe looks like he is doing his best Napoleon impersination

   Tom actually got stuck, and needed help getting out lol

We had a really good day, lots of laughing!  We did run into a few school groups, but it wasn't horrible.  



  1. I'd vote for the three of you having lots of laughs together being the best part of the day!

    1. It definitely was! We had a great time :)

  2. Hey Stephanie, you look like a natural with that cow. :)

    Great photos, just the kind of place to learn and enjoy.

    1. Thanks Leigh lol :) Been a long time since I have actually milked a cow, mom usually did it mostly. We had a great time :)