January 15, 2013


I was knocking on the wood kitchen table the other day, while having coffee with my neighbor Marge, saying how lucky I have been this year not to get really sick.  By this time of year I have usually had a massive case of bronchitis, at least once.  And I was bragging how being a hermit pays off, because not one of us has had the dreaded flu that is running around.

Fast forward one day, and yesterday when I got up, I felt like someone took a baseball bat to the right side of my head.  My ear had a piercing pain in it each time I did even the slightest movement.  I had a mind numbing headache, and the throat was pretty raw.  I spent most of the day laying down.

The boys did an ok job.  They got what school work done that I asked them too, and when I had them do some dishes in the afternoon, they didn't grumble.  It was fend for yourself night for dinner.

My neighbor was my hero yesterday afternoon, as she happened to have vodka down stairs.  I sent Joe down with an empty soda bottle to snag me some, and helped me get some into that painful ear.

I got woken up this morning by the annoying one (cat), who I am going to strangle soon if she doesn't sleep past 3 am.  The piercing pain is gone in my ear, although it still aches. My entire throat is swollen, not just one side sore.  And the glands on the back of my neck are huge.  But the motrin is keeping the headache in check, so that right there is a plus.

I will continue to drink tea with honey and cinnamon, and do a few more days of vodka in the ear.  My aunt and neighbor want me to go to the doctor, but I am used to this, and know what it takes to kick it.  I hate getting antibiotics.  I spent so much time on them as a kid, that I try to avoid them when I can.

And in a small update on Joe and the tooth adventure:  He goes in Friday for his root canal.  They will put a post in, with a composite over that.  Once that has settled down a bit, they will do the crown.  His father is sending me a copy of his new dental card, because without it, it would cost $1200.  With the card, and the estimate from the gal in the office that most insurance pay 50%, we are looking at $600 out of pocket, and that is bad enough.

Today will be a slow and steady day.  Nothing overly strenuous, since I am not over the hump with this crud.  I did promise Tom a trip to Game Stop though, and want to try and keep that.      


  1. Sounds as if you're doing a good job of taking care of yourself. Continue to do so . . . and don't rush getting back into your usual routine or you'll end up goin' backwards! Get healthy soon!

    1. thanks Mama Pea :) Hope you guys are resting up too, you have quite the adventure yourselves!