January 3, 2013

New Year

I hope you all had a safe New Year's.  I spent it like I usually do, home with the kids, and in bed well before the appointed time of midnight.

I don't do "a year in review", and I don't do resolutions.  I do however have a couple goals this year:

* Get my homestead.  No matter what.  Thank you all for the great advice you gave me in the last week or so.  I needed a good reminder of why I came down here.  I am not here to meet anyone else's needs other than mine and my kids.  Period.

* I will be going home in May for a few weeks, to welcome my new grandson into the world (and just maybe convince my daughter's boyfriend to move here).  This is a definite, thanks the the kid's dad.  He will be sharing his tax return with me, in exchange for claiming the boys this year.

That's about it.  I am sure I will make more goals as I go along, as things progress with the homestead and such.  But for now, that sums it up.

I am working on a new site, that this one will convert to shortly.  I really like the better layout and options.  I hope when I announce it, you will follow me there.

Have a great week!    


  1. Very curious about your new site! And I must say you've made excellent goals. One of my Christmas presents was to find out my DS & DIL are expecting again! This will be grandbaby #2. :) Due in July.

  2. Thanks Leigh, and congrats Grammy!

  3. I will DEFINITELY follow you to your new site! Looking forward to seeing it. A little belated (but heartfelt) wishes to you and yours for a wonderfully fulfilling New Year!

    1. Thank you Mama Pea! :) Happy New and blessed year to you too.