January 11, 2013

The Damage and The Plan

Joe decided yesterday that he wanted to post a picture of himself on Facebook, so I guess I am safe to post it here too.  I think he is using it a bit to get more of the "cool factor" with his friends, but that's ok lol.

We were able to get into our dentist at the clinic yesterday morning, and they were all "Oh my God!"  They had seen small chips before and such, but had never seen a tooth completely sheared off.  After an xray, they got to work.  They removed the root pulp in the tooth, to minimize pain.  Then they did some packing in it, with some medicine to help kill off the rest of the root, and followed that with a thin layer of a temporary filling to help keep it closed up to avoid infection.

Today we go see the second dentist they referred us to, for an evaluation for the next steps.  He will have a root canal, in about a week.  Then once that heals, they will put a post and crown on the end of the tooth.  Should be good as new shortly.

I did have to make a call to his dad, to give him a head's up about the crown.  The insurance we have will cover everything but that.  But the dentist is also willing to work with us on the cost of the crown.  I am grateful for that.

His lip is healing ok, but it looks nasty, where it got sliced open by the tooth.  The dentist put him on amoxicillan to help with both the tooth and his lip, so he doesn't get any sort of infection.

Hopefully today's appointment won't be long.  I spent all day out of the house for this, and ran a few other errands.  I am not a "run the roads" type of person, and it totally exhausts me.    


  1. Ugh. Hurts to look at that picture (tell Joe it's not him, but the broken tooth and lip!) and read of the procedure. A couple of weeks and the whole incident will be forgotten, but . . . ouch!

    1. LOL Mama Pea, that is what the dental clinic staff said too. The OUCH for us is going to be the cost. Even with insurance, the crown is going to cost $600

  2. Stuff like this makes me squeamish! Something about teeth. Sometimes boys will be boys but this is a hard lesson learned.

    1. It did one of the dental techs too Leigh :) She couldn't stay in the room while they cleaned it out.