January 10, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Ain't Coming

Last night, like we always do, we headed to bed about 10.  It always takes the boys longer to settle down than I would like.  Last night they were pretty mellow as they headed in their room, so I went ahead and laid down to go to sleep.

I did my usual fidgeting, and was just about asleep when I hear "Oh my God, Oh my God" from the living room.  I listened for a few minutes, because sometimes Tom comes back out for a drink or something, and he and my aunt talk.  It wasn't settling down.  Throw off the covers and head out to the living room.

Tom is standing there freaking out, something about a tooth. I thought it was him.  Then I look past him, where I see Joe holding his mouth, with blood in his hand.  I look, and sure enough, Tom broke off one of Joe's front teeth.  Just a little over half of it.  Nice clean break.  Oh, and his bottom lip is split open too, hence the blood.

Luckily they still had the piece of tooth, so on a recommendation from an online friend, I stuck it in some milk.  Whether they can do anything with it after the fact, I don't know.  Better to give it a try though.

Joe got his mouth cleaned up, and he managed to get some Motrin down before the pain of the nerves from the tooth flared up too much.  So I need to call the dental clinic first thing this morning, and find out what can be done with it.

How exactly did this happen you ask?  Apparently Tom wasn't ready to shut the light off, so in their horsing around, Joe was threatening Tom with a hairbrush.  Tom had a plastic glass in his hand.  In the wrestling that ensued, he swung backwards with the cup, bottom side first.  He didn't mean to hit him in the mouth.  He was more creeped out than Joe was.  Took quite a bit to get him to settle back down and go to sleep.

I will have a picture of this for posterity.  Whether Joe will let me put it online is another matter lol.      


  1. Well, what can one say? You're raising two healthy boys. If you didn't love 'em so much, there are times you'd just as soon skin 'em. ;o) Needless to say, this little incident will be remembered and brought up many times well into their old age!