February 17, 2013

Snuggled In

Yesterday, much earlier than was predicted, we got snow.  Big, fat, fluffy flakes.  It lasted till mid afternoon before it switched over to a finer snow.  We managed to get about 2 inches in all, and it's super cold out this morning.  It was a great day to spend in the house, all snuggled up under the afghan I am finishing up for my cousin.  Remind me never to volunteer to make a king size afghan again.

I went out and about Saturday, and ended up at Big Lots.  I wasn't planning to go out that far to near Raleigh, but the sun was shining and I just couldn't resist.  I am glad I did, as I scored a great item for my off grid supply list:

I only paid $10 for it.  I did a bit of a happy dance right there in the aisle.  They only had 4 of them left, so I figured with garden and canning season right around the corner, I had better get it while I could.

And on a Kitty note:
 Peach had her surgery on Thursday to be neutered, and is doing well.  This is her sleeping on the couch sitting up yesterday evening.  She has turned into a SUPER love bug since I brought her home, wanting to be snuggled constantly.  I'm not complaining though :)

And I got to talk to Samantha twice since Wednesday, and she sent me some belly pictures :)

She went in for another check up this week.  They gave her the RH Negative shot, and did some blood work.  She is right on schedule and Baby Jack is going to be a big boy!  I had to laugh once I saw the pictures, because she is carrying him exactly the way I carried her........ALL in the front!  When she was born, she was my biggest baby at 7lb 11oz, and 23 1/2 inches.  She has an advantage over me though, as she is much taller, 5'9".  More room for the little guy to stretch out.  She said other than the back ache and normal pregnancy stuff, she is feeling good.

I so can't wait until May, when I can hopefully be there for his birth and hold him :)  And hug the heck out of that girl of mine!  I miss her.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!  


  1. Had to laugh at the picture of Peaches. She looks like she's saying, "I really don't feel so good."

    Samantha is carrying her baby low, don't you think? That makes for easier breathing (everything is not so scrunched up under the ribs) but I suppose Baby Jack might be doing a little pressing on her bladder which is not so good sometimes!

    I heard the eastern part of the country was going to get some snow. But I'm assuming it won't last long by you.

    1. Yeah, Peach is getting back to her old hyper self though. As I speak, it's 10:40 and she and my aunt's cat are racing around the house lol.

      Yes, Sam is carrying Jack very low. She has backaches every day, and he is sitting so that it hurts her thighs too (nerve maybe?). Doc says he is going to be a big baby.

      Our snow only lasted one day, and it is slowly going to creep back up to 50 this week, which I am grateful for.

  2. I love Big Lots! We don't have one close by though and I really miss it. Such good bargains. Peach looks so sweet! I just love a lap kitty.

    1. Oh that stinks Leigh :(. I love that store too! Thanks, Peach is doing good, and definitely a lap kitty since the surgery lol.