February 5, 2013

Tough Love

This picture is from about 2 months ago, and Peach is nearly double this size now.  She has also gone into heat twice since Christmas.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I got some info online about the discount neutering program down here, and sent in my paperwork.  I am going to do tough love, literally.  She will be getting fixed on Valentine's Day lol.  It is such a great program, and I am super grateful I qualified for it.  It will be $25 for her to be done, along with her shots.

I love her, but I am SO looking forward to this, because I know it will "settle" her down a bit.  She has this issue lately that might make me scream if she doesn't get out of it.....every morning around 3:30, she is determined to get out of my room.  Digs at the door, cries, etc.  I was throwing balled up socks at her, but now she just sees them as toys, so I have resorted to keeping my slippers and sneakers near the bed.  That is 4 items I can throw in her general direction.  Don't worry, I don't actually aim to hit her, just startle her.  It didn't work.

I am sick of not getting a full night's sleep, and really need this to stop.  I have tried cracking my door, and just letting her out, so that I can go back to sleep.  The problem with that is she doesn't just have an issue with my closed bedroom door, but all closed doors.  She will then go in the livingroom and proceed to dig at the boy's door.  This wakes up the boys and my aunt.  Sighhhhhhhh.

On another note, I still haven't gotten any seeds started.  There is no room inside to do it, and we have most nights well below freezing lately.  So I am waiting, and trying to be patient lol.

We are trying to find a new place to rent, for our temporary home, until I get the credit stuff cleaned up.  My goal is that by late summer or early fall, I will be ready to go for the mortgage.  But we do not want to stay in this apartment until then.  There is one place listed on Craigslist, that would be perfect for all of us at the moment, a 4 bedroom double wide, just up the road from my cousin's.  I have called twice and left a message, but no one has called back.  I know it is still for rent because the sign was still out by the side of the road the other day when I drove by.  My aunt is going over there to babysit today, so she is going to go down the road and check it out.  I will be calling again, leaving another message, and emailing about it.

Hope you are all having a great week!     


  1. Pets! Ya gotta love 'em, right?

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the new place works out for you. That will be another step in the direction of your very own homestead.

  2. I hope the new place works out. And I hope the neutering helps Peach.