March 4, 2013


"If even a small amount, it pries us from the sticky grip of intrusive government and allows us a teeny taste of freedom." -The Elliot Homestead

This article, at The Elliot Homestead spoke to me so much tonight! In this current economy, which I believe is only going to get worse in the next year or so, there are three types of people:
   1) Those who work as hard as they can to provide for their families, but are always one paycheck away from having to swallow their pride, and ask for government assistance (food stamps, medicaid, etc).
    2)Those who willingly take whatever is handed to them by the government, without blinking, seeing it as their "G-d given right".  Despite the fact that they have done nothing to earn it.
    3) Those who already hit that situation (illness, layoff, etc), where they have had to swallow their pride and ask for help, but would do anything to get off it.

Back in October of 2007, I became #1.  By the summer of 2008, I became #3.  

Some people look at me like I have two heads when I buy several of an item when shopping, trying to build up my pantry.  Here's the deal....if a natural disaster happens, you cannot go to the store to buy food.  You cannot use your debit or credit card.  Just look at Hurricane Sandy....they are still trying to put their lives back together.

And you cannot depend on the government.  I had food stamps run out last year because of a clerical error.  Just as I had to leave my job because of my shoulder again.  If it weren't for the month or two of stuff I had stocked up on, we wouldn't have had anything to eat.  That is no exaggeration  My freezer had enough meat to get by, and yep, I had to get creative with how to make it last, but I did it.

Now, if I had even just 2 acres of land, and couldn't do the Dexter cattle like I want to.........I could still raise rabbits and chickens.  I could still get with a local hunter and ask for deer meat.  I could grow all my potatoes and veggies for the year.  Yes, it is risky....a crop could fail.  Mother Nature could wipe it out in a split second.

But, think back.  Prior to the 1900's, no one had that backup of government assistance.  And frankly, it can't last.  The government is broke.  Besides, in one growing season, I could get back all that pride I gave up every time I swiped that EBT card.  For every single jar of veggies canned, or meat frozen, that is one more step towards being free again.

And to me, no matter how hard the battle to get there, it is worth every second of it!   


  1. Stephanie, I believe YOU WILL GET THERE!

  2. Excellent post Stephanie. And so true. You've got the gumption to succeed!