March 8, 2013


I bet, by the title of this post, you thought I was referring to a new juicing machine, didn't you?  Nope, although I do have a new toy sort of in that department that I will show you in a second.  This is a different sort of "juice".

 This is my new TENS unit (not my photo).  I went to see my shoulder doc on Monday, and because of the muscle spasms I am still dealing with (a side effect of the CRPS), along with the fact that I cannot take most pain meds or NSAIDS, he prescribed one of these.  

I was surprised that the gentleman from the medical supply place called that evening, and wanted to make sure it would be ok to deliver it the next morning.  Perfect!  I will tell you, it is a definitely different feeling.  I started out on a low setting of about 5, but after an hour or two, couldn't really feel it anymore, so I jacked it up to about 10.  Yesterday, while babysitting for my cousin, I had it up to 16.  Sometimes it gives me the heebie jeebie itchy feeling on my skin, but for the most part, I like it.  I am seeing a definite difference in my pain level (ie: it confuses the nerve signals sent to the brain).  Time will tell if it is a good solution for me.  My doctor wants to do a neuro stimulator on me, but I don't want to go that route just yet.  That is a major surgery, working near the spine.  I will be happy with the TENS unit for now.  I also have to go start PT on the 18th.  I am having issues with waking up in the morning, and my right hand is contracted into a fist.  It takes about a half hour of massage to get it to relax, and even then, during the day at times I can feel it trying to pull in.  Muscle atrophy is a major thing with CRPS (besides the pain level), and I am not ready to lose complete use of my hand just yet.  Like everything else with this disease, I will deal with it if it happens, but if we can do something to hold it off for a few years, I am all for it.

Now for the juicing of the food kind.........I didn't buy a juicer, but I did buy this:

I got it at Walmart for only $15.  I don't do a lot of juice, but wanted to try some of the smoothie recipes out there, to help me get some of this weight off (I have not been doing good with that at all).  I bought some grapes, apples, kale, baby spinach, and 2 large containers of vanilla yogurt.  My first try with it went very well!  I put in a handful of kale, a few spinach leaves, a handful of grapes, and about a cup of yogurt.  It blended really well, and other than the fact that it was green, you wouldn't even know the kale and spinach were in there.  I need to do it more.  I want to try and do it twice a day, as a mid morning snack, and again in the evening.  I tend to lately eat a lot of PB & J.  Partly because I am still waiting for my new dentures to come in, but also because I crave that salty/sweet combo.  Unfortunately, it's not doing anything for my waist.  I was surprised with the shake/smoothie, how full it made me feel.  And I found if I let it sit for about 10 minutes, it thickens up nicely.  I could definitely see freezing it a bit in the hot weather and eating it like sherbert or frozen yogurt.

Ok, time to get busy on some stuff around here.  Everyone else is still sleeping, so can't do anything noisy, but I need to get some online stuff done.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Good to hear you're getting some relief from the pain. I hope this continues to work really well for you. What a blessing that would be, right?

    We make smoothies in our blender but really don't desire them in the winter time. (Too cold, I suppose.) I put all kinds of good stuff in them and I, too, am always surprised at how much they fill me up. But I know they're good for us so as the weather warms, I need to get back into the habit of making them.

    1. Definitely would be a blessing Mama Pea :)