March 22, 2013

Physical Therapy

Today was my second visit to pt.  I am continually reminded how much we take the use of our hands for granted.  Just think about all you do each day, that involves your hands.

One of the reasons for my pt is because my neck and the back of my shoulders are turning into a knotted mess, due to the CRPS.  So we worked on that today...first with a tens unit and heat, then with new stretching exercises.  I need to repeat these exercises twice a day at home.  Ugh :/

The other reason for going is that I am having an issue with my right hand (the one affected by CRPS), wanting to pull into a fist.  I wake up in the morning and it's not open, and it takes a bit of work to get it that way.  It now has a deep aching pain in it, and it feels like someone is inside my fingers, plucking the tendons like a guitar string.  So when I go back next week, we are going to work on the shoulder.  Double ugh :/

But, as I told the pt guy today, I am proud of myself for keeping my arm working this long.  I could have easily thrown it in a sling because of the pain and frustration, and said "I'm done".  But within 6 months I wouldn't have use of the arm at all if I did that.  I don't want to live the rest of my life one handed if I can help it.  It means more pain to work it, more frustration....but it's worth it.

So if you hear me call my physical therapist a physical terrorist in the next month, you will's because of the pain, not because he is a bad person.  He is actually very nice :)  And cute, which makes pt tolerable :)



  1. I don't know much about CRPS but I do know some about PT having just went thru some myself after carpal tunnel surgery. Those therapists can be terrorists at times and the litte ball of innocent playdoh looking material is straight from the devil. Good luck.

    1. Yes Rosyln! And the bands in the pretty colors are in cahoots with that innocent looking playdoh.

  2. Do be a good girl and work, work, work on those prescribed exercises at home, Stephanie. The time (and pain) will be well worth it.

    I had a great guy for PT when I went through a frozen rotator cuff first in my left shoulder and then in my right. About five minutes into each session on the table he'd hand me a kleenex so I could keep my tears from running into my ears, but I had no complaints about him because he knew his stuff and how much he could push me to get maximum results. I called him my Terrorist Therapist.

    1. I am Mama Pea :) Did them twice today like I was supposed to. He gave me some Biofreeze to use at night when I go to bed, so getting ready to do that. I didn't wear the tens unit today after therapy, but think I will put it on first thing tomorrow.