March 24, 2013

Rainy Sunday

Yesterday was cloudy, but not too bad out.  I didn't have any plans (or any money to make any plans lol), so I spent the better part of the day watching recap sessions from Roots Tech 2013.  It's a conference held each year for tech and genealogy geeks.  Some were good, some not so good.  There are a lot of great handouts from the 3 days, so I downloaded those, printed out the ones I wanted, and will be going through them here soon.  I also watched a few Youtube videos on genealogy, just to get my feet wet in some new areas.

We had a scary situation yesterday afternoon.  Our amazingly sweet neighbor downstairs came up for tea, like she does most days.  She was talking to us about packing for her trip on the 3rd to go back to NY for a baby shower.  Slowly, her speech started to slur, and her coordination was almost non existent.  Her hubby had just come home from work, so we called him up, and he took her to the hospital.  It was just what we thought, a minor stroke.  She was kept overnight, and is seeing a neurologist today.  Please keep her in your prayers, as they find the right combo of meds and other treatments to prevent her from having more.

Today is going to be another "veg" day.  It's raining out, and while I know we need it, I am ready for some warmer days.  According to the local news station we are about 20 degrees cooler than is normal this time of year.  It feels like October back in NH...rain every few days, with temps not getting out of the 40's.  In perspective, I honestly shouldn't be complaining, because back home it's not getting out of the 20's without the windchill, and they are getting snow every few days.  But, this is my new home, and my body is itching for some super sunny warm days.

Moving is in limbo at the moment.  The modular at the trailer park is being spruced up, but the owner is waiting on the inspectors, which as we all know, is like waiting for your tax refund.  But there is another situation in the works that might put the other option out of the running.  

My aunt's friend, the mortgage lady that I saw when I first got down here, has decided (with her hubby), that they want to get some of their money out of retirement funds and such, and invest in real property, like a house to rent.  She has offered to look for something that would be perfect for us, and then rent to us.  She mentioned yesterday to my aunt that one had just come on the market, a 3bdrm/2bath with 5 acres, no restrictions, that would be ideal for me.  I still want to own my own place, but if this is what G-d has in mind, to get me closer to my goal of being independent from the welfare system, I am all for it.  I would be able to do my gardening, get my animals, the works.  I will keep you updated as we know more.  In the mean time, my aunt has packed everything that isn't nailed down, even though we might not be moving for at least another month.

And on that note, it's time for another cup of coffee.  Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Even if it is rental property, it sounds super hopeful. And who know how things will work out?

    I wasn't familiar with RootsTech so appreciate the link. I'm a genealogy buff myself, in all my spare time, LOL. Many libraries have subscriptions to and make it free for library patrons. You might want to look into that sometime too.

    1. Exactly how I am looking at it Leigh :)

      I checked out library down here, and unfortunately, they don't have the subscription for Ancestry. I got the world subscription for it, for $35/mo. which isn't bad. And I can work on it at home, instead of going to the library. Once I get up and going, taking real clients, I can write it off as a business expense.