April 4, 2013


I couldn't resist this funny picture, even though my dentist is a woman, and is FABULOUS!

I have spent every day this week in a dentist's office.  Monday was to pick up my dentures (more on that in a second), Tuesday was Tom's first adjustment on his new braces (he did great!), and then yesterday was back to the regular dentist for the boy's cleanings, and adjustments to my dentures.  Whewwwwwww.

Monday when I first put my dentures in, they had one sore spot, that the dentist took care of.  I left, with the new chompers in my mouth, and within an hour, found a serious issue.  Every single time I opened my mouth, the bottom plate popped up and wanted to come out.  Sigh.  It's a process to get them "just right", but all this time, and I am getting just a tad frustrated.  So while at the dentist yesterday, she looked at them and sure enough, they made them too long, and too wide, so when I opened my mouth, they were hitting on the inside of my cheeks (where they meet the gum), and moving.  She took some off.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon, after exhausting myself running errands, tweaking the dentures some more.  As my friend said..."the dentist can only do so much".  Thank goodness for nail files lol.  I nearly have them where I want them, but will work on them again today.  The biggest difference is that I haven't had bottom teeth for so long, that I feel like I have a mouth full of rocks when I talk. I know I will get used to them, but it's funny.  My boys are finding it quite humorous to ask me to say things with "s" in them, because my tongue is still trying to figure out where it's supposed to be lol.  The top plate is nearly a perfect fit! :)  It is a bit too "long" ... Tall?  So I have been tweaking that too.  If the dentist could see me with my nail file, she would probably have a fit, but she wouldn't take them down as much as I needed.

Today is going to be a nice quiet day, some schoolwork for the boys, and I will get caught up on some cleaning and studying myself (genealogy).

Have a great day!   


  1. Sorry, but any week containing that many visits to a dentist's office cannot be a good week! ;o) Good luck with the new teeth. Hope everything gets worked out and comfortable soon.

    1. I agree Mama Pea! I am not a "run the roads" type of person, so it has been exhausting. Today is one more errand to go check out a new library in Raleigh, since ours is shutting down for renovations until June.