April 1, 2013

Easter And A Busy Week Ahead

I actually didn't do much yesterday for Easter.  We relaxed, and enjoyed having the windows open despite the drizzle on and off all day.  Our neighbor, Marge, was on her own for the night, so we invited her up for dinner.  We had pork roast, mashed taters, and green beans.  Marge spoiled us as always, and brought a fabulous chocolate pound cake from Harris Teeters (YUM!).

While trying to eat dinner, I was fielding phone calls, and finally told everyone I would just call them back.  The boys got to talk to their other grandmother (dad's mom), and wish her a Happy Easter and belated birthday.

Then I got to talk to my daughter.  She is doing good, no more scares of an early birth.  She does have to call the nutritionist today, and set up an appointment to start taking insulin.  Her numbers aren't very high, but like I told her, it's only for a few weeks.  She has to do what is  best for the baby.  She and her fiance will be officially moved into my parents on Tuesday.  I am so grateful my mom and dad were willing to let them come stay with them.  The fiance's mother and stepfather are very weird to say the least, and told them when she first got pregnant that they couldn't stay there.  Frankly, I'm ok with it.  I would prefer that she be at my parents where I know she will be taken care of.  His parents are less than stellar, and I was never real happy about her being at their house.  Now, once she has baby Jack, we will work on getting her convinced to come live with me.  She pretty much already wants to, it's the fiance that is hesitant.

Anywhoooooooo....the first three days of this week is filled with dentist appointments.  I go today to finally get my new dentures.  After 4 "try on's" they finally got the lab to get the bite right. I am so excited! (and as a side note, this momma will be watching ESPN this afternoon as my Red Sox take on the Yankees for the first time of the season...love my baseball!!)

Then tomorrow Tom goes for the first tightening of his braces.  He is doing so good with them, and we are already seeing a major difference.  If he continues doing as well, maybe he won't need them for the full 2 yrs.  And then Wednesday both boys go for cleanings.  I still need to get Joe's permanent crown done, but waiting on tax money from their dad for that.  I am hoping to get it done before we go home, but if not, then as soon as we get back.

Ok, time for some serious coffee drinking :)  Have a great day!    


  1. We had a fairly laid-back Easter, too. Snow showers all day but it made it cozy to be inside and relax a bit.

    My week looks kinda full but going to get some things done that have been hanging fire. Hope yours turns out well.

    1. Thanks Mama Pea :) Hope yours does too.

  2. All I can say is, Go Cubbies!