May 28, 2013

He Has My Heart

I am back in NC, getting back this afternoon.  Whew, what a great 3 weeks!!!  And yes, I am going to bombard you with photos:

May I introduce you to Mr. Jack Bateman.  Born 5/10/13, at 7:19pm, weighing in at 8lbs 14ozs, and 21" long.......

Yep, he is one GORGEOUS baby :)  And yes, it was hard as all get out, to get on the plane to leave and head back to NC this morning.  But I talked to him on the phone when I called home to let them know we made it safe and sound, and he actually recognized my voice and stopped fussing for a second.

My daughter is under strict orders to Skype with me at least once a week, so I can talk to her and see my Little Man, as he grows up :)


  1. Stephanie, congratulations! What a sweet, sweet, baby boy. Don't you feel blessed?