May 6, 2013

Ta Da!

This is my mom's queen size afghan I made, to take home with me.  It's folded in half, so that I could get a good picture of it.  I absolutely LOVE how it came out.  I didn't follow a pattern, but found a couple stitches online that I liked.  This is what I used:

For the panels:

And to join the panels:

I am so grateful to those who put great videos like these up on Youtube and other sites.  I am a very visual learner, so love to work from these.

My next adventure is knitting.  I have been practicing since last week, after my get together with these fabulous ladies
From left to right: Christie, Lea, Myself, my Aunt Winnie.  We have decided to get together at least once a month.  Lea and I are the students :)

Have a great day!  Next time I post, it will be from NH!!


  1. Wow, gorgeous afghan! You sure do tackle the HUGE projects. Just think of all. those. stitches! :o}

    Fun to see a picture of you and the other gals. What a great way to learn how to knit.

    1. Thanks Mama Pea :) I think this will be my last big project for a bit. I am working on knitting a lapghan for a veteran's center now. Much smaller and easier to maneuver. And yes, we had a blast at the knitting get together!!

  2. The afghan is beautiful! Once you get the hang of knitting, you'll be doing that like a pro too.