May 2, 2013

This and That

Today Mom and Dad go to see the oncologist to get the results of his PET scan from last Friday.  Please keep them in prayer, that the cancer has not spread.

With the impending move when we get back from NH, getting ready to go home to NH, waiting on the birth of my grandson, and dad's health issues.......I have been in a bit of a funk and not sleeping good.  Tossed and turned since 2 am this morning, finally gave up and got up at 5.  Lots of coffee will be required today.

Speaking of aunt and I are going to meet two friends around lunch time.  Lea and I don't know how to knit, and my aunt and Christy do, so they are going to try and teach us. :)  I think there will be more laughing and goofing off than actual knitting, but that's ok, I could use it.

I got the boy's room all packed for the move.  Mine is nearly there, I will finish it up over the weekend, including trying to take the monstrous computer armoire apart to make it easier to move.  It nearly killed us getting it up here on the 2nd floor.

I also am going Friday to finally get my NC driver's license.  I should have done it long before now, but didn't have the money.  I have no choice now, as my NH license and the registration on my truck both run out the end of May.  When I get back I will get the truck registered, and then I need to get it in the garage and get the front brakes done.

That's about it for a Thursday....have a great day    


  1. Stephanie, you will love knitting! You already crochet so beautifully, this will be an excellent skill to add.

    Know that we're praying for your dad. It's not an easy situation anyway, but I do pray for the grace of God to keep you feeling save and secure.

    1. I have wanted to learn knitting for a long time, so am looking forward to it :)

      Thank you for the prayers for my dad and my family.

  2. You are in all kinds of upheaval right now, Friend. About all you can do is ride it through staying optimistic. Moving is a big thing, very unsettling, and having to come to terms with your dad's continued medical issues is very difficult. Keeping him and you in our prayers, you can be sure.

    I think you'll catch on to knitting quickly. And having someone right beside you is the best way to learn, I think. Better watch out . . . it could prove addictive!

    1. Thank you Mama Pea! And I fully expect the knitting to be a new addiction lol