June 27, 2013

Back Online!

We got our internet back up this afternoon, so I thought I would pop in and share what we have been up to since we moved in last weekend.

The boys and I have been busy working outside in the yard, which is just making me giddy!

This is the walkway going away from the deck.  The landlord asked if when we got time, if we would transplant more monkey grass here to fill in the bald spots, so I worked on that today.  I am almost done.

We visit the landlord's goat, Miss Martha, almost every day with snacks like cuke peels and such.

I got my aunt's Hens and Chicks planted in the bed out front.

The clothesline is already up, and has been used one so far.

This is going to be my garden area.  It will be tilled tomorrow, and by next week I should have some plants in it.  I have peas, tomatoes, peppers, and cukes already germinating.  The landlord gave me a few celebrity tomato seedlings, and we are going to also do carrots and potatoes.  We are starting small this year, but will probably expand next year.

This is the privacy fence in front of the pool.  I am thinking some hanging baskets on the top, and maybe a bed of herbs or something on the bottom.

Lots of plans floating around in my head, and we will see how the budget lets us do with getting them all started.  I am in LOVE with my landlords.  They are just the most amazing people.  I told Bobbie (the wife) yesterday how lucky I felt to be living here, and she said she thought they were the lucky ones to have us as tenants.  Makes me smile.  And my body is tired and sore from being outside working so much, but it's just so rewarding!  I have to remember to pace myself though, and my boys have been amazing, both with the move and with helping me when I need it.

So glad to be back online so I can share what we do with the rental :).



  1. This post just tickled me down to my toes! You've gotten so much done in less than one week. I am so eager to see pictures of your garden as it develops. Yes, do remember to pace yourself, but doesn't this kind of exercise feel wonderful? You sound so happy.

    1. Thank you so much Mama! My aunt made a post of FB yesterday, commenting on how happy it made her to see me in my element. I am just beyond happy. I keep finding things to do, or want to do, to make it mine, and my landlord is more than willing to let me, as long as it doesn't affect the beauty of the place (which I agree with 100%).
      The exercise and fresh air is doing wonders for me! I slept 9.5 hours last night. I don't know the last time I slept that well :)