June 2, 2013

Finally Found a New Rental

No pictures yet...I will get some Monday when we go up to drop off the deposit....but we finally have a place to move to.

My aunt's lease on this apartment was up the end of March.  We had two different places that were options, up until last month, when both fell through.  So we are living with most of our stuff packed, and needed a place to rent, like last month.  A friend that my aunt knows, saw an ad in the paper, so she called on it, and we went to look at it the day after I got back to NC.

It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath mobile on a family farm of 250 acres.  The landlord's mother used to live in it, and currently his son and his family are staying in it while their home is being built.  They should be out by the end of June, so that we can move in.  There is an extra room built on the back, that we will use as a 3rd bedroom for me.

The property is gorgeous...you drive up a 1/4 mile gravel driveway, with tobacco fields on one side and wheat on the other, to come to this gorgeous old two story house.  Our mobile is to the right of it, with plenty of privacy.

The owner leases 60 acres to someone to be farmed, rents the mobile and another 1 bedroom place on the property, and is considering renting another 30 acres to a company to put up a solar farm.  The rest of the property is "au naturale".  Woods, stream, etc.

It's a temporary move for the boys and I, as I am thinking I will be in a position by early next year to start serious house shopping for us.  But, it's a good spot to land for now.  Oh and Tom is excited, there is an above ground pool as well.  Lots of places to explore for Joe, so none of us can complain we are stuck inside all the time again lol.


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