June 21, 2013

New Place

Yesterday we headed out to the new rental with a loaded up truck and car (boxes and bags), to pay the landlord and start getting things situated for our big move today.  We managed to get some shots of the outside, so I thought I would share them:

From the road, looking back up the driveway towards the house.  On the left is wheat, on the right is tobacco.

This is the front of the mobile, with a 14x14ft deck (with a 10x10 extension for the pool)

The pool...which Tom HAD to test out with his toes :)

The 100 yr old tobacco barn that sits in our backyard

Just to the left of the tobacco barn, the actual back yard (which is shaded all the time)

 Another shot of the backyard

A shot of the pool and mobile from the opposite side

 This is out in front of our place.  Large tobacco field that runs all the way to the road and off to the left of our place.  This is the spot I want to do a garden.

 Where the driveway curves there, and heads towards that garage, is the landlord's place.  Didn't get a shot of their house, but I will.  The front part of their home was built in the 1850's.

 Looking back towards the driveway as if to leave

 A shot taken of the front of the mobile from across the driveway

 To the side of the mobile.  There is a garage there that we will be able to use down the road.  The landlord's son still has some stuff to clean out of it.

 Looking at the mobile and yard from the Landlord's side

And behind our place and the landlords....wheat fields and tons of places to explore (there are 250 acres that they own).

I will share more photos as we get situated.  Today is the big move day...need to pick up the trailer at 8am, so definitely need to get massive amounts of coffee in me, since I have been up since 4am.

Have a great weekend!  I should be back online by this time next week.


  1. I've thought of you and your move a couple of times today. Hope all has gone well. What an attractive new place you will have once you get settled. I simply love it when you can see fields all around. Must be from my childhood growing up in farm country in Illinois.

    1. It went as well as most moves can be expected lol. Thank you for thinking of me...it means the world to me!

  2. It looks fantastic! So peaceful. I envy you that. You should have time to get a nice garden in, too.

    1. It is VERY peaceful Leigh, not a neighbor in sight except the landlords, who are amazing.