July 15, 2013

Garden Progress

You wouldn't think with a week of rain, I would have much to update, but I do.  First, the sun is out, and strong!  We are going to have a gorgeous week here.

I took a few shots of the garden set up, so you can get an idea of where we are going with it.  I will say this up front:  We chose to go with the old fashioned row style this year, but this fall, we will be chipping up a ton of leaves and downed branches, and setting this up next year without rows.  I want to get a good 6 inches or so of mulch on it for the winter, and then we will do intensive planting in blocks.  For instance, a 4ft x 4ft will be nothing but tomatoes, 2ft x 2ft will be nothing but cukes, etc.  This will look similar to a raised bed garden, without the actual raised bed building.  That is my plan anyway.  Now back to this year's garden (see, not satisfied, I am already planning for next year).

I didn't know Tom got this shot of Joe and I last week, while using the push plow we borrowed from the landlord.  It worked pretty good, and helped to get our rows set up.  We did have to go back with a heavy rake to pull up the rest of the dirt for the actual rows, but it wasn't too bad.

This is looking at the right side of the garden, looking up the slight incline.  The two rows on the farthest are corn.  Then there is 1/2 a row of summer and butternut squash, and 1 row of green beans.  I also planted about 1/3 of a row of mixed sweet peppers.  My boys don't eat them, but I like them, and also use them for cooking. I am leaving 3 rows empty at the moment next to that for my tomatoes.

This is the left side of the garden.  In the two rows covered with plastic are potatoes, as is the row right next to it.  We are trying out what Misty Prepper did this year, to see how well it works for us. When you click on her name, it will take you to a video on her YouTube channel.  Joe also wanted to try a row of potatoes the traditional way.  Next to that is a row of spinach, and one of broccoli.  Everyone tells me it will be too hot for them here. We will see.  I did pick up some weed block fabric, so if I need to make small hoop tunnels to provide them some protection from the sun, I will.

This is the privacy fence, just off a bit from the garden.  It blocks the pool from the farmers who rent the land in front of our place for tobacco and wheat growing.  I hung planters 12" from the top, two with cukes, and two with peas.  They are loving this spot.  In just one day, my peas have doubled in height, and are about 6" now.  The cuke plants are filling out nicely and will be over the edge of the pots soon.  I still have one more pot to plant, that will have grape tomato plants the landlord gave me, that I will get hung soon.

In non-food gardening, I have been busy too:

This is a small garden bed in the back yard that only gets sun about 2 hours a day.  I cleaned all the overgrown stuff out of it (and the tons of rocks), and replanted some iris bulbs that were in another location.  I surrounded them with some of the rocks, and then put in lily of the valley roots.  We will see if they come up next spring.  The landlord apparently also has those hidden somewhere, and said if I need some, he will let me have some, if mine don't come up.  If it proves that the main garden is too hot for things like lettuce, spinach and broccoli, I may do that part of the garden out back here next year.  Time will tell.

This is the back walk way, going towards the driveway.  It is severely overgrown, as you can see.  I am in the process of thinning out those iris on the right, and will be taking that periwinkle back about 3 feet, to open up the walk way better.  In the upper right you can see a much different plant, just behind the tree.  That is called a Lenten Rose.  I had never heard of them before, so had to research them.  There are actually 3 others in the left flower bed, so I think I will move this one over there as well.  They are not actually a rose, but part of the buttercup family, and from the pictures, are going to be very pretty when they bloom.  My landlord says they bloom in January....what a cool surprise for winter doldrums.

And update on the fencing....I went and checked with our local post office here in town, and they were so very nice (unlike the PO in the other town I was living in).  My fencing didn't come today, but they said it should be in tomorrow or Wednesday.  Apparently when something is forwarded, it doesn't just go to the next PO, it has to go back to Raleigh first, then onto the other PO.  

All I can say, is it better show up soon!  I went out to water the garden tonight and we have corn and green beans popping already.  I really don't want to lose them to the rabbits we have running around here.

We didn't get as much done as I hoped for today, we were all in slow motion, and it was just too hot.  Besides, more yard work or swimming in the pool with your teenage son, I chose the latter.  It was more fun! :)  Tomorrow night, after dinner, when the sun isn't on the garden, we will get the last of the fence posts up, and if the fencing comes tomorrow, get it installed.

Hope you are off to a great start of a new week!



  1. very nice set up, hard work pays off.

    1. Thanks Rob! I am truly loving living here :)