July 10, 2013

Going For It

Ahhh, the weather, she is a fickle little thing.  Today and tomorrow won't be too bad, with mostly cloudy days, and no rain until late in the day via thunder storms.  But Friday through Saturday is going to be heavy rains, and there is a possibility that the tropical storm moving this way will bring more heavy rain on Monday and Tuesday.

Despite that fact, this momma is going to go for it, and get most of my stuff planted in these two days.  Joe and I will get the potato starts cut and ready to go in the ground (late doing this).  Everything else is going to be sown with seeds directly in the ground, except the tomatoes.  As you saw in my pictures, I have seedlings.  But Amazon did a boo boo, and sent my deer fencing to the old address.  UPS hasn't showed up with it (my neighbor has been watching out for it), so I can only assume they sent it via the post office.  If that is the case, the post office said they would forward it.  Can you imagine forwarding a roll of 7ft x 100ft deer fencing?  It's funny.

Anyway, I don't want the tomatoes in until I have the fencing up, as they are the only thing that will be above ground, and sure to be eaten by the wild rabbits we have running around here.

Joe and Tom will get the rest of my fence posts cut and stripped today so we can get them in.  It isn't a hard job, except you have to battle the spider webs in the woods hehe.

Hope you all are having a good week!  Happy Hump Day!


  1. Good luck is all I can say. Everything started out so good this year but if these rains don't let up soon I think my garden is doomed. The squash is dead, my beans are looking leached out and yellow and the tomatoes are starting to get the blight and BER. Nothing you can do. Too much rain.

  2. Love your new header! Getting correct addresses sorted out is a pain. We had a problem with Sprint when we moved. We filled out the back of the bill with the new address. Our forwarding address, however, was a temporary p.o. box until we could get settled in the house. Sprint somehow found out about the forwarding address and started sending the bills there. Well, we didn't check it that often and it became a real mess. Hopefully your fencing will get delivered without a hitch.

    1. Thanks Leigh! It's a shot taken from the upper part of the garden, looking towards the tobacco fields in front of our place. I found out I should have my fencing by tomorrow or Wednesday, because of the process to forward things, it had to go back to Raleigh first.