July 31, 2013

Grass Clippings As Mulch

So, you remember I told you how I had to rework the garden due to it being too dry?

Here is the difference with just one week of a mix of leaves/dead grass, and the secret, magic ingredient: grass clippings from the landlord mowing:

Corn.  It was barely ankle high, with just the leaves as mulch.  They helped, but what really made the difference was the grass clippings.  Obviously the 2nd picture is closer, but seriously, they are all almost knee high just in one week.

  Green Beans.  They really shot up, and I no longer have a few dying.  No more burned and shriveled leaves.  They are about 8 inches tall now, and spreading out fast with new leaves, compared to the pitiful 3 inch plants on the left.

 Squash.  This is both butternut and summer squash, and probably showing the most growth.  They will be crawling across the empty bed beside them soon.

I have been puttering on the bed I am making out back, for the lettuce, spinach and such.  I nearly have the whole area cleared of viney overgrowth and tree branches.  I will let it rest since we are due to get rain tomorrow, and then I will start getting the last of the weeds out so I can plant.

Today is going to be an inside day, other than hauling water for the garden.  I spend so much time outside, that my bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it.  The rest of the house is a bit cluttered and needs a good vacuuming as well.  First on the agenda though is going to be to make a chocolate cake. :)  We are all craving it.

Hope you have a wonderful "hump day".


  1. Good job. All that hard work does pay off.

  2. Chocolate cake would be my first choice too! ;0)

    Seedlings look great!