July 4, 2013

My July 4th Plans

Shhhh, don't tell Mother Nature, she might change her mind....it looks like there is blue sky and sun outside at the moment.  Which means working outside, even though it's wet out.

Yesterday afternoon, we got slammed with two huge deluges of rain, both lasting about 45 minutes each, and just sort of like Mother Nature was giving us the raspberry before the icky weather moves back to the west.  This is a video I took during the first deluge:

We are going to work on redoing that path behind the ramp to the back door, so that the water drains better.  We get the run off from the driveway as it curves toward the landlords.  That green tote on the porch was empty before it started raining.  By the time the two batches of rain were done, it was full to overflowing and I was able to fill 2 milk jugs (1 gallon each), for watering the garden, and can probably get another 3-4 out of it.

Our neighbor from our old place is supposed to come up this morning for a visit, and my aunt and I need to make a trip to Walmart today.  I also need to hit Dollar Tree for a couple little things.  

Yesterday the boys and I did a major shopping trip and got new garden tools (the landlord has been loaning us his), stuff for the house and outside.  We got some great deals, but we were exhausted by the time we got back.  I hate running errands. 

Ok, time to get some clothes on and start puttering outside.  It's a good thing my sneakers are still soaked from yesterday....no worries about getting them wet again lol.  Need to get something better to wear outside.  Or get another pair of sneakers to keep for everything except the garden.

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Good golly, so much rain! Mother Nature has a way of dictating how our days go. I've had to start watering parts of the garden because we haven't had any rain in a while now. Mostly I'm concerned about the strawberries as they're making berries and I know they really need moisture now. Hope things dry out for you soon. I know how eager you are to try and get in a garden yet this year.

    1. I know, it's insane Mama Pea! Poor places like CA or AZ could use what we have, and we don't need it. Wish I could send it to my friends out there. According to the landlord and the weather reports, in about a week we got nearly 8" of rain.

      Hoping your berries do ok...that will be something I add to my garden next year :)

  2. I hear ya, Steph...We tried to outrun the rain by heading north to Ohio this weekend but it's just as bad here. I told SM that this is what it must be like living on a island in the tropics.

    Still suprised at how well the ground is absorbing it. Yeah we get the flash floods but then it's gone soon enough. Take care!

    1. I was shocked too Tami, that the ground absorbed all that rain within an hour or so. I didn't think it could hold anymore. I really should feel sorry for those to the west of us who are getting what we got (some even worse), and I do to a certain extent. But part of me is jumping for joy every day when I see the sun.