July 3, 2013

Rain and Upcoming Plans

We have been caught in the middle, literally.  With a low front to the west, and a high front off the coast to our east, it has caused a funnel effect, pulling WAY TOO MUCH rain up from the Gulf.  I feel like I haven't seen the sun in forever, even though it's only going on a week.  Today the high front is going to start creeping back to the west, starting to clear us out, and by Friday we will be basking in 90 degree temps and LOTS of sun.  I can't wait.

I took a few pics to show you what the rain has done.  And for the record: since Monday we have gotten about 5 inches of rain.  Blech.

The pool came pretty close to overflowing, so I let a touch of water out to bring it back to a better level.  The pump doesn't work the best if the water is too high.

Obviously we couldn't finish turning over the garden area with all that rain.  

It's kind of hard to play in the garden when you run the risk of sinking, and losing your shoes lol.

The landlord was kind enough (he always is), and gave me these two great rain barrels just before we got all the heavy rain.  Both already have spigots on them so that we can hook pieces of hose to them.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any cinder blocks to get them higher off the ground before the rain.  The blue one is completely full, but the white one only has about 1/4 in it.  I realized there is an issue with the back gutter and rust, so will try to repair it so that we get good flow for the white one, or find another spot for it.

We did manage to get a bit of swimming in on Sunday, when my cousin and his little boys came over for part of the day...

So, today is errand day.  Need to hit Tractor Supply, Ollie's (it's a discount/closeout type store with a little bit of everything), Lowes, and then the grocery store.

If we have any energy left after all that, we are going to work on building the turtle's outdoor enclosure, and also cutting down some small cedar saplings to use as part of the fencing around our garden. 

We won't be able to work on the garden area until at least Friday, once it dries out.  But then it's full steam ahead!  I want it turned, cleaned out, and planted by Sunday if I can do it.

Hope you are getting the weather you need in your area.  I know it's so hard for so many this year...too much rain, not enough rain, cool temps, over the top temps.  

Have a great day!



  1. Good to hear your update. How big is your garden area going to be?

    1. Mama Pea, it's going to be about 30x30 for now. I am planning to do larger next year. Probably will add some raised beds too.