July 24, 2013

The Garden Fix

As I mentioned in my last post, I have to fix the garden to allow the dirt to hold more moisture.  So the first step was to break down the hills I created.
It was actually easier than I thought it would be.  The top layer was hard and dry, but underneath was pretty soft,  So using the pitch fork, I basically just "flipped" it all.  

The next step was to find a mulch material to put down, to hold in the moisture.  Enter, the "stuff" in the tree line all over the place.  It is a mixture of both dead grass and leaves.
It was super easy to rake up, but I did have to shake it out a bit with the pitch fork, to remove any sticks (I didn't worry about tiny ones, just the larger ones), and any random nuts and such.  There was also the need to make sure I didn't rake up a snake, although so far, we have only seen a few baby rat snakes so far since being here.

Then I laid the mulch stuff down, about 6 inches thick, on each area.  I did do the "block" layout like I mentioned, making them about 10ft long and 6ft wide, leaving a walkway around 3 sides of it.  This way I can easily get to whatever is in each bed and harvest the veggies.

I needed a way to compress it a bit, so it laid better, and since I didn't have a tool handy, I just walked back and forth over it to get it to lay down better.  We haven't had any rain for over a week, and just with the morning dew, I am already seeing a difference in the dirt below.  So it is definitely a plus over what I had.  

I have 2/3rds of the work for this done, but took yesterday off.  My body was letting me know I did too much, especially my left arm.  Because of my bad arm (the right), I tend to over work the left, and then pay for it.  Today I will have a garden buddy, in my son Tom.  The mulch isn't heavy at all, but I cannot do the wheelbarrow at all without it causing issues the next day.  So he will be my helper, and hopefully we will get the whole garden replanted today, since they are saying rain tomorrow (yeah!!)

I am also setting up a sort of raised bed out back for the lettuce, spinach and broccoli.  I will post pictures of what that will look like, and our progress, once we get going on that, which hopefully will be Friday.

On another note, I should do a post on what I have been busy on with the yarn area of my life....I think I have ADHD in that department....I have 5 projects going right now lol.

Have a great Hump Day!



  1. Yes, you do need to watch it a little and take care of yourself, but you're getting more accomplished in the garden than most able-bodied people with no "handicaps" whatsoever!

    Love seeing the progression on this garden.

    1. Yeah, I go gangbusters, and then pay for it later lol. Something about my brain not registering I probably should do too much of one thing, but I still do it lol.

      Thanks so much, love having you as one of my cheerleaders!