July 17, 2013

This and That

No pictures this morning, but figured I would get a "mish mash" post up of some things going on around here besides the garden.

-My aunt has a friend coming up today, so we can brainstorm how they can best sell their homemade items (my aunt knits, her friend sews).

-The landlord used the tractor to help Joe and Tom get some very large rocks set up in the back yard near the tobacco barn.  He gave Joe and entire black walnut tree that fell down, and is now cut into sections.  So Joe needs to move it over here and get it up off the ground until he can start some of his projects.

-I really should get my fanny in gear and plan out at least our first month of upcoming school work for the new year.  We still need to do our testing for the year, but will probably do that next week.

-I will probably get Tom to help me cut down some huge pokeberry plants out back.  I want to take the yard back a bit, but there is a lot of overgrowth there.  It will be a "as we get time" project.

-I am going to use some scrap lumber the landlord has, to build a trellis system for the blackberry bushes he is giving me.  They will go above the incline where the garden is, giving them plenty of sun.

-We need to finish digging out the area for the turtles new home, so we can get the frame built this weekend and get them outside.  We had Bowser, our box turtle since last September, but have also gotten a new turtle that my cousin found.  He only has one eye, so Tom named him Popeye lol.  They get along pretty well, except when it's time to eat.  Bowser is a bit of a bully so Joe has to put him in the tub when it's time to eat.

-Got a letter from my mom yesterday :)  I need to sit down and get one back to her.  Please keep my dad in your prayers, his short term memory isn't doing so good since he had his latest radiation treatment last month.

And with that, I am off to finish my 2nd cup of coffee and get something done outside before it gets too hot. Have a great day.


  1. NC has some of the best homeschooling laws in the nation. A fabulous home school conference in Winston-Salem in May too.

    1. Yes they do Leigh! Much easier to homeschool here than in NH. I haven't been to the conference yet.