July 7, 2013


It was touch and go for awhile yesterday morning, as my youngest (he is 15, and bigger than everyone in the family), tried to get out of work, but I worked around that and gave him different jobs besides digging to do......

He is really good at running the small tiller the landlord loaned us, so that was one of his main jobs.  It killed his back though, so for the last few feet, Joe and I held the back end with potholders, to take some of the weight off and make it a little easier for him.

Joe was my hero when it came to digging.  He just kept plugging away at it.  I did a lot too, but he did the bulk of it.


We are DONE turning over a garden area of about 30 ft by 30 ft with nothing more than a few shovels, and a small weed-wacker type tiller!  We were a hot mess by then, and couldn't wait to get cleaned up and into dry clothes (we sweated so much!!), and just relax.

We also managed to get the 6 cedar saplings stripped (I need 10 more cut down), and I raked about 1/4th of what we had already tilled, to get the junk out.

Tuesday the deer netting will be in, and we will get the posts up and enclose the area so I can finally get something in the ground.  Here is a rough list of what we are planting:

Sweet corn, potatoes, celebrity tomatoes, roma tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, butter beans, green beans, spinach, and then of course, the things I will plant in the planters.

Today is going to be a much deserved day off for the boys.  They get to sleep as late as they want.  I will be puttering in the house most of the day, but might get out there to finish raking out the garden area ... we will see how my energy level is.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of errands.  We are off to visit our old neighbor, Marge.  Then to the bank, and to go see another friend to pick up a bed for Joe.

Have a great Sunday!

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