July 8, 2013

What I Have So Far

So, I won't be planting in the actual garden area for a day or two.  I took yesterday off, and I still need to finish raking it, and get the fencing up (it should be in by tomorrow, had to order it).  In the meantime, I thought I would show you what I have so far started:

These are my pickling cukes.  I transplanted them yesterday into these hanging pots.  I did a mixture of dirt from the garden, and some composted dirt from the tree line (raked away all the leaves etc).  I think it feels like a perfect mixture to allow good drainage, and apparently they agree.  They all have new leaves since yesterday.  As they get some height to them, I will add more dirt mixture to give them more stability, and that way they will have a good, deep root system to hold them in the pots as they get some weight on them.

Nothing showing yet, but these are peas.  The original container I tried starting them in didn't have good drainage and the seeds all rotted with the rain we had, despite trying to keep them out of the rain.  So, I am trying again.  I will do the same with these, as I am doing with the cukes, add more dirt mixture as they grow.

Roma tomato starts in potting soil.  Seems that most things I am trying to start, don't like the potting soil as much, so I can't wait to get these spread out and in the ground so they can get some height on them.

On the left, in the cardboard seed starter pots, there isn't anything showing yet, but I just put lavender seeds in there a few days ago.  I read online that lavender and catnip will keep mosquitoes down, so will be putting both around the deck.  The other pots are celebrity tomato starts that the landlord gave me.  They desperately need to get in the ground, as their pots are getting too small.

And this little guy is an onion start that the landlord gave me.  It has tons of roots on it, and I can't wait to see what becomes of it.  We are planting our own onions as well.

This is an asparagus fern the landlord also gave me.  It's not edible, but I think it is pretty :)

We have several crab apple trees in the front of the trailer, that are full of fruit.

And here is a full shot of the garden area.  It measures about 30ft by 30ft.  Hopefully when I take a shot in another month, it will be full of glorious plants! :)

And we also have tons of hickory trees around us, so looking for uses for that.  There are also black walnut.  So much to discover and learn here, it makes my heart happy.

I am waiting on the thunderstorm to move away, so that we can get ready to head out to get some errands done this Monday morning.  Hope you have a great day!


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  1. What a beautiful start. I'm so happy for you, Stephanie.