August 15, 2013


My landlord has this amazing fig tree that is producing beyond belief right now, and being the person that he is, he is sharing with me.  I have never been a big fan of figs, but decided that I needed to give it a go.  I tried one raw, and it was ok, but not a ton of flavor.  Bud and Bobbi told me how they make preserves, so I thought I would give it a shot.

 Top photo: figs ready to be processed.  You need to remove the stems.  If they are ripe, this is fairly easy as they will just twist right off.  If your figs are too soft (over ripe), you run the risk of squishing the fruit, so cut the stems off.

Second photo: cut all the figs in half.  You will place them in a pan, add about 1 cup of water, and sprinkle 1 cup of sugar over them.  Cover the pan and bring them to a simmer.  You want to have the heat at the lowest possible setting and still keep them simmering for an hour or so.

Third photo: I used my personal blender, and put just the figs, without the additional juice in the pan, and pureed them.  It came out AMAZING!  I plan to use this like I would applesauce in my baking, to take the place of oil.  I had to put it in the fridge, but will get it into jars today.

The other way I will be doing some figs is dehydrating them.  I just got this on Tuesday, and can't wait to play with it.

I also got 2 extra sets of trays to go with it, so that I can do as much as possible.   Once I get my first batch of figs dried and make sure they are ok, the landlord wants me to do some for them too.

No news on the house yet...Bud hasn't been able to contact the owner yet, with his own stuff keeping him busy as all get out, but hopefully in the next few days.  I will keep you updated.


  1. I've never tasted a fresh fig, but both hubby and I like dried figs. They're a great snack (sweet yet nutritional) to take on car trips.

    I love our dehydrator which we've had for many years and I use a lot. But there are still many things I could dry in it that I've not tried yet. The really nice thing about dehydrating food is that it takes so much less storage space, no energy to store and the products last forever if processed properly. Yeah, dehydrators are a good thing!

    Still thinking good thoughts and keeping fingers crossed on the house situation.

    1. The only time I had ever been exposed to figs was in Fig Newtons as a kid lol. It's not something my mother ever bought, and I don't know anyone up north who has a fig tree.

      Thanks for the good thoughts, I can use them!

  2. My figs are just now ripening too, and like you, I think they're kinda bland raw. They are delicious in fig cake! Also fig jam, but I never thought to puree them like you did. Great idea! I quarter them and dehydrate them too, and can them whole in a light syrup. In fact, my dad clamors for canned figs every year. :)

    1. Awesome Leigh! I am learning so much about different things that I didn't have in NH, and how to use them. I am loving it.