August 27, 2013


I know you just read that in the voice of Mel Gibson from Braveheart, didn't you?  Good, that was my intention! LOL

Freedom is something way too many people take for granted.  There are all kinds of freedom...... from debt, from a bad relationship, from relying on someone/something else, and just from your past.

There are two types of freedom that I am talking about at this particular moment:

Freedom from relying on my government to support myself is the first.  I still receive SSDI for my shoulder, and probably always will.  But the one thing I get, that I HATE with a passion, is food stamps.  I don't want to be on them.  But until I make some steps to change that, it is.  Step one has been completed....learning to grow my own food.  Now I am still in baby step stage, but every baby step is one step closer.  Step two was learning to water bath can.  Easier than I thought it would be.  And step three was a hurdle that I tackled this morning, and completed with rousing success.  Yes, I am tooting my own horn!

I tackled pressure canning those green beans today!  And I did it!!  With this, the water bath canner, and my learning new ways to grow/raise/buy/barter my own food, there is no stopping me from getting off those darn food stamps.  That is an extremely liberating feeling, to know that I now have the skills to feed my family, without help from anyone else.  It will take a bit to get there 100%, but those baby steps are adding up!!!!

And the second bit of freedom for me....I am in the process of getting to a point where I am debt free.  I am not horribly in debt, not like these fools who have 30,000 plus on a credit card.  Mine is from when I hurt my shoulder 6 years ago, and workman's comp made my life a living h*ll financially.  All total I had just over $3500 in debt.

As of September, I will have reduced that by $1500!!  I made a settlement agreement w/one company, and they accepted payments monthly, to get me to 40% of the original debt.  Whooohooo!!!!!!!!

My next step is to pay off some of the smaller bills sitting on that report, and maybe, just maybe, that will give me the 10 more points I need on my credit report to get qualified for an FHA mortgage.  Yes, 10 stinking points lol.  But the fact that I am getting this accomplished, is a major life altering thing for me.  I still have one other bill on there that is just over $1000, but I plan to work out an agreement with them as well.

This day started out kinda crummy because I haven't been feeling great the last few days for some reason, but this feeling of freedom is giving me a "high".  I am liking it!!!


  1. HALLELUJAH and pass the ammo! There are too many people who feel that food stamps are the least they deserve, and here you are, working hard to give them back. I'm going to read the older posts because I'm learning how to can.

    1. Thank you Lotta Joy! I learned a lot from watching videos from Misty Prepper (You can find her channel on YouTube), and also just reading and following blogs. It was awesome to complete this task!

  2. Stephanie, I am so proud of you. I remember you talking about these goals before you moved to NC. You've made amazing progress!

    1. Thanks Leigh! It seems slow going to me, but when I step back and realize it has been just over a year, I am pretty happy.