August 1, 2013

Rain!! :)

This is what I feel like doing today!  We finally got a good soaking, and more is expected through out the day.  Despite the western side of the state getting flash floods and way too much rain.......for nearly a month, it has petered out before it got past Raleigh, which means not much more than a random sprinkle here and there.  So, the landlord and I are very happy that the rain barrels will fill back up.

I thought I would share what I have been up to, besides all the gardening.  I know you are dying to know lol.

I am currently finishing up a layette set for my friend Marge that just moved away.  Her niece is having a baby shower in September.  The set includes a blanket, sweater, booties and a bonnet.  I don't have a picture of that just yet, will post one soon.

My aunt taught me to knit about 3 months ago, and I have been having a blast figuring things out.  My latest mission?  Hats for her to try to sell at a craft fair she is doing.  Everyone wanted them last year at the one we did together, but I only had a few.  I didn't think they would sell down here, but apparently they do.

The middle hat, on the bottom row, has a crochet ribbing, with knit top.  The only full crochet one is the one on the top row, far right.  I am not really following a pattern, but trying out different stitches and even just varieties of mixing colors.  I want to have at least 5-10 in each size range.  And all of this is yarn that I already had, from left over projects, or that was given to me.  I will be adding some more girly ones too.  I hate pink, but have inherited pink yarn, so this is the perfect use for it.

Ok, off to get dressed and see about getting some housework done, since there won't be any outside work today.


  1. I would think stocking hats would be big when it gets cold. Easy to fold and put into your pocket. Rain is always good.

    1. Yes you are right, and I guess it's all relative to what you are used to. I don't think it's very cold down here in NC, maybe 2-4 weeks in January, and that's it. But then again, I am from NH, where winter lasts 1/2 the year lol.

  2. Love your hats! A friend is teaching me to knit too, but I'm afraid I'm not as quick a study as you are! ;0)

    Enjoy any little rain you get. How cool that your landlord is actually into rain barrels!

    1. Thanks Daisy! :) Good luck with the knitting lessons. My biggest struggle was the tension. I finally got it though :)

      Yes it's very cool that he is into rain barrels! He actually has 2 large, 250gal. ones behind his garages.