August 11, 2013

This and That

It's been a long week here.  I have been working in the garden, which is going well.  I have been doing it in the early morning hours, and again after dinner if it needs it, because it's been too dang HOT.  For the last 3 days, the heat index has been hovering around 105.  Definitely better for sitting inside and knitting.

I have been on and off the phone all week, trying to support my daughter in the probably breakup of her relationship.  I won't go into all the details here, just say, he is one lucky young man that I am NOT up there right now, or he would be bloody and beaten.  It's hard, being the Momma of an adult child.  She is trying to live her own life, but when it gets rough, I am the first she turns to.  And that's not a bad thing, but I can only support her and love her.  I can't fix it, like I did when she was little.  *sigh*  So the bad side of that situation is, that if they do break up, she will need to heal.  The good and happy side of that situation is: she and Jack will be moving down here to live with me.  I won't lie, I am over the moon about that!  To help raise my grandson, and be part of his life on a daily basis, oh that is almost every grammy's dream!

My dad had a PET scan and MRI this past week, and on Tuesday, he got the results.  IT"S ALL GOOD!!!  His PET scan came back clean.  Even the tumor that originally started all of this 3 years ago, in his bronchial tube, has shrunk more.  The spot in his head where they took the tumor out last year looks good, the swelling he was experiencing has gone down thanks to steroids.  And the small tumor they just hit with radiation a few months ago has no change.  That is amazing!  The doctors say they have never seen anyone do as well as he has.  Especially with brain tumors.

And I have a prayer request:  
This is a house, and I believe, about 5 acres that is 1/2 a mile from where I currently live.  Bud (my landlord) told me about it, because he knows I want my own home and land.  It has sat empty for about 5 years, so needs some TLC.  A good cleaning and painting, and cutting back the over growth (it's actually much closer to the house than this picture from Google Maps shows).

Bud knows the man who owns it.  He is going to contact him and see if he would be interested in doing an owner financing situation with me.  I am trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be so perfect for what we want to do.  And it would give Sam and Jack a place to come "home" to.  My aunt has told me she cannot handle living with a baby 24/7, and I get that.  And she understands that I can't tell my daughter she can't come live with me.

This would be the perfect place for us to garden, and raise some small livestock like we want.  And it would keep us close to our landlords, who in all honesty, in just a few short months, have become like family.  I adore them, and am so grateful I have them in my life.

So if you wouldn't mind praying for this for me, I would be grateful.  You, of all people, know my hearts desire for my own little "homestead".

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hot, stingy tears formed in my eyes when you started talking about this possibility of the little 5-acre homestead. As you say, how perfect it would be for you, your boys and Sam and Jack.

    Sending lots of thoughts of you to the good powers-that-be and hoping this will happen. Yes, yes, yes!

    1. Thank you so much for always being my cheerleader Mama Pea!!! :)

  2. Oh, the place sounds perfect for you! Praying it will work out. Your landlord is a doll to help. Good news about your dad too. Another blessing.

    I so hear you about being the parent of adult children. It's so hard to let them live their own lives, to not want to fix all their problems and mistakes, to alert them to pitfalls. Of course, many of our parents wanted to do the same for us. Somehow we all need to learn from our own experiences.

    1. Thanks Leigh!

      And yes, they have to make their own I know how my parents felt when I was making all mine lol. It's nerve racking.