September 23, 2013


Last Wednesday was my aunt's birthday.  As a way to thank her for all she has done for the boys and I, I worked secretly to throw her a surprise party.  And it was a success!  She had no clue.  We were all hiding in the garage, where I had set up the party, and as she pulled up near the garage, I hit the button to open the door.

Joe video taped her reaction for me, but I forgot to turn up the media sound on my phone, and so it's a silent movie.  Instead I will share some photos.  Excuse my appearance, I had been running around like a maniac the second she left, trying to get everything in place before she came home.

Nothing fancy for decorations, as I was broke.  Managed to print out a little banner, and made the tissue paper poufs with a tutorial from Pinterest.  I am actually now in love with those, they were so simple to make.  That is my landlord, Bud in the photo.

Our friends, Sandy, her daughter Felicia, and her little girl.

Our friend Kathy (the mortgage goddess).  She is such an amazing person!

Kathy's mom, Miss Sharon, one of my aunt's dearest friends.

Hanging outside in the gorgeous breeze, chit chatting.  Those two people standing there are my angels, and adopted parents, my landlords Bud and Bobbie.

The cake I made.  Here is the funny backstory to it.  First, the night before the party, my aunt went out to dinner with a friend.  I didn't know she had that planned, so while she was gone, I was in RUSH mode.  I made the coleslaw, boiled eggs, and baked the cake.  As soon as the cake was cooled, I stuffed it into a drawer of the bureau that we have the tv on in the livingroom.  Despite the house smelling like yumminess, she never suspected when she got back lol.

The actual decorating took some creativity.  The white frosting was barely enough to cover the top. So since it was a marble cake, I used chocolate around the sides.  The flowers are from outside, along with some catnip leaves.  

Our absolutely amazing friends, Chris and Lea.  I adore them, and am so glad I have them in my life.

The sad cousin David (my aunt's son), was in on the whole thing, taking her out for me, so that I could get things set up, and I never got a picture of him or his family.  Goes to show that Joe should have held onto the camera to get pictures.  I get so sidetracked doing this or that, I forget.

And I also got a bit of a gift yesterday:  Another step in the right direction on that piece of land w/the two is ONE deed.  Which means I could do an FHA mortgage if I qualify.  Kathy is going to run my credit today to see where I stand.  

I have so many people praying for me on this.  It just seems like it would be the ideal fit for what we need, and what I would like to do down the road.  I truly believe that G-d has his hand in it.  It is hard to wait, but each time I just trust him, and say "if it's what you want G-d, it will happen", another piece of the puzzle falls into place.  So please, continue to pray with me.  We could be in there before Christmas if that is what is supposed to happen.

Have a great week!


  1. What a lovely party you planned for your aunt. A lot of work (especially keeping it a secret from her!) but well worth it, I'm sure.

    Still saying a little prayer that the homestead land deal works out for you!

    1. Thanks Mama Pea! I had a blast doing it, and wanted to do something to say thank you to her for all she has done for me and the boys.

      Keep those prayers coming, they seem to be working!!!!

  2. What a wonderful post. It's heartening to know you're making friends and truly carving out a niche. You belong there!

    1. Thanks Leigh, I really do feel like I belong here :)