Free Library

From the time that my children could hold a board book, I have instilled a love of books and reading in them.  Unfortunately, books have become so expensive, that if I were a millionaire ten times over, I couldn't afford all the books that I would want to own.  To this end, I am adding this page to compile a list of resources for those who want to seek out free books online.  Some are short and frugal to print, some are more extensive.  I hope you enjoy this little nook on my blog. And please check back often to this page, as I will be adding to it continually.

NOTE: Many of these books that I list will be older books.  I think the older books hold so much value in what they can teach us.  Too much of our society relies on modern conveniences, and the "old ways" have been pushed aside.  We need to investigate these ways again, and put many of them back into practice, especially with the current state of our country right now.


Ten Acres Enough - This book, published in 1864, is excellent.  The first few chapters deal with the author's pull to move to the country, from the city of Philadelphia.  He also goes into great detail of how he set up his planting of fruit plants, his livestock, etc.  While the financial benefits he discusses are not the same as today, it is a worthwhile book to read.  I learned a lot, and enjoyed it!

First Book of Farming - This is on my list to read this year.  It is basic information for those new to farming.  Published in 1905.  It covers extensively how your soil, plants and mother nature work in tandem. 

Letters Of a Woman Homesteader - Published in 1913/1914. From the Publisher's note in the front: "The writer of the following letters is a young woman who lost her husband in a railroad accident and went to Denver to seek support for herself and her two year old daughter Jerrine. Turning her hand to the nearest work she went out by the day as house cleaner and laundress. Later seeking to better herself, she accepted employment as a housekeeper for a well to do Scotch cattleman, Mr Stewart, who had taken up a quarter section in Wyoming. The letters written through several years to a former employer in Denver tell the story of her new life in the new country. They are genuine letters and are printed as written except for occasional omissions and the alteration of some of the names."  I think one of the reasons that this book speaks to me is that this woman is a single mother, like myself. To take the risks she did, to support her child are very inspiring.

Successful Farming: how to farm for profit - Published in 1900, this book is on my "to read" list.  From the table of contents, it covers everything from crops to livestock, and also how to keep the books (although this would need to be updated for your individual circumstances and newer laws).